Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • An introduction to 21 days of Meditation with Bryony
  • 2

    Sitting Tutorial

    • Learn the perfect way to sit for you!
  • 3

    Week 1 Intro

    • A short introduction before you embark on your meditation journey!
  • 4

    Meditation Journal

    • Please click to download your PDF workbook for this course. This is a very important part of your journey don't skip it!!
  • 5

    Day 1 - 7 Meditation

    • Your first 7 days meditation
  • 6

    Week 2 Intro

    • Day 8 Introduction!
  • 7

    Day 8 - 14 Meditation

    • Your new guided meditation
  • 8

    Week 3 Intro

    • Tips for the next part of your meditation practise
  • 9

    Day 15 - 20 Meditation

    • Your next meditation video
  • 10

    Final meditation intro!

    • 21 min Meditation intro
  • 11

    Day 21 Meditation

    • 21 minutes of Meditation


Bryony Giboin

Bryony Giboin

Meet Bryony a former dancer, international celebrity fitness trainer and heart filled passionate yoga teacher. She found her power and reclaimed it as she delved into the philosophy and teachings of yoga in which she has dedicated her life to and has designed her signature, transformational classes for you, for you to stand up and feel your power. Bryony's classes are a fusion of love for the dynamic physical practice inspired by the West and her background in dance and fitness sprinkled with her love of spiritually and the philosophy of yoga. Her classes are sweaty, fun and rich in tradition.



" I highly recommend Bryony's meditation course. I started on 13th September 2019 and do it every night. I have a problem sleeping at night and get stressed. This meditation course has helped me relax and I sleep better now. I enjoy this meditation course and intend to continue doing it every day. Very relaxing. Thank you Bryony"


I'd avoided meditation through fear of being alone with my own thoughts and feelings and I found myself in need of some guidance back to a daily practise. This 21 day course spoke directly to me and proved to be exactly what I needed... starting at 7 minuets made the 21 minuet goal less daunting. Bryony's gentle guidance helped me to work through ay discomfot, and daily journal encouraged me to naviagte my inner-world and stay focused. by the end of the course I was exceeding 21 minutes of meditation with ease! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who feels they need a helping hand with starting or developing a daily meditation practise! Thank you Bryony!


"I have always wanted to be able to meditate believing that it would be beneficial to my well being. However despite trying I’ve never been able to conquer how to do it. Bryony's online course has changed all that. Her step by step approach has helped me learn how to focus and to be able to relax into meditation, a task I thought I’d never achieve. I would happily recommend it to anyone . It’s surprisingly cheap, a bargain!"